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Light Equipment, Chemicals & Consumables 

Shine can help you maximise efficiency of your facility by providing the correct pots, pans, gastros, cutlery, light electrical, cleaning chemicals and consumables

Small appliances, chemicals and consumables are critical to the success of any professional kitchen. The very best appliances do not compromise on power, performance, functionality or reliability. We can supply a variety of cooking options, food preparation equipment, coffee machines, display units and many other solutions needed to keep your service at optimal levels. Kitchen appliances benefit almost all aspects of professional catering. From heavy duty cooking equipment such as commercial microwaves and counter-top fryers, to rapid-wash dishwashers and attractive hot food display cases, we can supply machines that help you to delight your customers, save money and reduce waste.

Cleaning is just as important as food preparation in any professional catering business. Make sure you adhere to strict hygiene legislation by investing in quality cleaning hardware and products for your food-related business. Keep your kitchen and food preparation areas spotless and 100% germ-free with our specialist cleaning chemicals and consumables, that will cut through dirt and grease, whilst being kind and safe for use on your kitchen equipment.

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