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Fire Protection

Overlapping, flood type, fire suppression system in accordance with BESA Specification For Kitchen Ventilation Systems DW/172 2018, compliant for operators with the Fire Reform Order. The wet chemical saponification type, cooling and insulative detection and fire suppression system can be linked by the M&E contractor to provide automatic shutdown of the power supplies in the event of its automatic or manual actuation. 

The overlapping system is designed to be factory fitted with minimum on site works, concealed pipework and fittings for a clean installation that does not interfere with any odour and grease treatment or demand led control systems that may be incorporated and reduces the risk for secondary engineering in the event of a future alteration to the cook line.

The system is designed for the proposed cookline as detailed and is commissioned tested and certified in accordance with the manufacturers recommended procedures. Please note that in compliance with the Fire Reform Order, it is the responsibility of the operator to undertake the biannual system inspection and we would recommend that a 12 month service contract is commissioned by the operator. That service is not included in the installation price and can be listed separately below as an option to be instructed by the operator.

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