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Fats, Oils, Grease & Odour

Fats, Oils Grease and Odours (FOGO) are an intrinsic problem within any food prep and cooking environment. Blocked pipes and upset neighbours are an avoidable problem that we have the knowledge and resource to help you overcome.

FOG separation

Blocked and backed up pipes cause a host of food safety and environmental issues and usually lead to costly emergency actions to release them, at the most inconvenient times – They are also entirely avoidable. Grease traps work by filtering food waste from the effluent, then stalling the flow within a tank where the FOG is separated and skimmed off to a separate receptacle for removal

Most are fully automated with little or no interaction for you with the internal parts of the unit and are chemical free & eco friendly – let us work with you to select and install the most appropriate units for you.

Bioenzyme drain treatment

Easy to install and maintain, bioenzyme units are biological drain maintenance systems designed to work with fluid refill packs of a highly concentrated active bio-enzymatic mixture, specially formulated to degrade (FOG’s) fats, oils and greases found in commercial kitchen drains. bioenzyme units are cost effective and can be used either with a grease trap or as a standalone drain maintenance system to help food service operators meet regulations and maintain clear, free-flowing drains.

Ozone Odour removal

Shine OG1 / OG2  low pressure ozone injection systems for use in commercial kitchen extraction canopies produces ozone which reacts with odours and FOG, which are oxidized in a chemical reaction, resulting in the production of carbon dioxide and water vapour. The ozone itself is consumed during the process and is converted back into oxygen. The unit has a built in air pressure switch for automatic operation without being switched by fan current and a power on indicator light.  The unit is ducted in stainless steel within the supply plenum to provide maximum coverage and reaction time to all sides of each spigot.

The main benefits of the Shine Ozone generation system ventilation are;

•       Reduced capital costs compared to UV systems,

•       Reduced capital costs of plant due to a fraction of the static pressure development compared to in-line UV systems,

•       Reduced energy consumption compared to in-line UV systems,

•       Reduced noise compared to in-line UV systems,

•       Reduced plant size and maintenance envelope compared to in-line UV systems,

•       Reduced FM as regular cleaning of bulbs not required,

•       Reduced cost as regular replacement of bulbs not required,

•       Improved COSHH risk as Isopropanol not being used to clean bulbs,

•       Improved H&S as no cleaning of bulbs at high level, over the cooking equipment.

As with all elements of a ventilation system we would recommend that PPM is undertaken by the operator compliant with the Fire Reform Order.  Costs are supplied separately.

Dielectric ozone System maintenance 

Check the low pressure stainless steel ductwork within the extraction plenum to deliver Ozone throughout the extraction plenum for the greatest coverage and dwell time.

UV System - 12 months Inspection and Maintenance contracts. Outside of the Operator/Owner's inspections of the system, a PPM visit by a trained technician is recommended Bi-annually. Inspection includes;

A visual inspection of the plenum will also be undertaken.

Collection services

Shine’s agents are licensed to collect and dispose of waste fats, oils & grease captured by a site’s grease trap or FOG removal equipment. Waste collection is typically carried out during service visits, however for some particularly busy sites, additional collection visits can be scheduled in between services. Wherever possible, grease trap waste is taken to be recycled, and converted into bio-fuels and other environmentally-friendly products.

Servicing and maintenance of FOGO equipment

Dealing with Fats oil and grease separation equipment can be both challenging and unpleasant. Shine can facilitate 24/7 maintenance & servicing of grease trap & FOG equipment. Unlike other regional service providers, we cover sites across the entire UK, so whether you have a site in London, or Lanarkshire, Bristol or Belfast, we can provide a fast & efficient service at a time that suits your needs. Following each service, a report is generated for the client detailing the work carried out, along with any recommended remedial work.

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