Trago Mills

Trago Mills, Merthyr Tydfil, is situated down in the scenic areas of South Wales and is the latest in the chain of stores to have opened its doors. Spread across England and Wales over 4 diff erent sites, this latest store opened in April 2018. The impressive premises has 17 small towers across its perimeters and intends to extend to include an activity area in the future.
Just outside of the entrance of the store, there is a collection of smaller local businesses and the attached dining area, The Brickworks. Inside opens up to a large open plan seating area, a countered area to the left for hot food and a coff ee and deli
counter on the right hand side. The catering area is also connected to the Fish and Chip
store located next to the Brickworks, providing a full connected catering area.
Shine were tasked with designing and installing an area to cater for shoppers, wanting both a quick or a more substantial dining experience in a fast paced, high
production rate environment.
This area was designed to deal with a huge capacity and with e fficiency in mind to serve a lot of people in a short amount of time.
The design is modern and relaxing, with wooden accents. The effi cient design is also reflected across the kitchen, which serves
as a central food preparation hub. Featuring equipment from Rational, Hopkins, Foster and Falcon, the kitchen area is outskirted by preparation and servery areas whilst it’s core cooking areas are held in the centre of the kitchen.
The gallow style deli counter off ers a more fast paced and casual approach to the serving area, serving only deli products and hot and cold drinks, reflected in its open plan surrounded by relaxed seating.
Catering Manager, Tony Baxter, said, “Shine did a fantastic job. Throughout the installation and design process, their communication were always perfect. Now that we’ve had a little bit of time to work with the facilities, it’s clear that they’ve done a great job. We’re really happy with the outcome.”