The Fish Hotel

Bedded into the heart of the Cotswolds, The
Fish Hotel is a collection of cosy and quirky cottages, huts and hotel houses.
Across the 400-acre private estate, this hotel pulls what you know the outdoors
and of a luxury hotel experience and mashes the two together. Back to nature
with a touch of luxury.


winning the contract, project managed by Dan Halpin, Shine were tasked with
providing a full drawing package which included both mechanical and electrical
services and to manage third party contractors throughout the installation.
Primarily for this project, Shine worked with Fosters Coldstores to provide
refrigeration solutions and MKN to provide cooking equipment and the central
island cooking suite.


project only accounted for an 11 day installation period, which was
successfully achieved by Shine’s engineers, and successfully coordinated with
both Foster Coldstores and MKN to achieve this goal. Despite the tight
installation period, all parties worked tirelessly to stay within the allocated
time period, resulting in a happy client and consultant.


Halpin, Shine project manager, reflected on the positives of the project
stating, “The attitude by everyone involved on the project was a huge plus for
us. Working with Intoto Design was a great experience and everyone involved all
worked hard to achieve the handover to the client in a timely manner.”


“However, all projects do come with their
challenges, and this one was no different. The central island gave us a little
bit of difficulty in getting the suite actually into the building and the
outdoor cold store from Foster was something different for the project. With
the correct pre-planning involving everyone, all challenges, timescales and
goals were overcome.”


Simon Gillott, Design Director at Intoto
Design, said “Getting the project over the line was a challenge with the time
constraints but everyone pulled together to get it done. This resulted in a
great finished product where it was everything the client had asked for and
more. It was a great project to work on and the clients were particularly great
to work with.”


This project has resulted in an ultimate fine
dining experience that customers can enjoy for years to come. Dan Halpin
concluded, “This is a shining example (excuse the pun!) of what can be achieved
with exemplary teamwork, planning and, above all, communication. This facility
should provide a fantastic new workspace for all and produce dining at the
highest level.”

To view photographs of the finished installation please go to the gallery page.