Microsoft, 2 Kingdom Street Paddington

When Tech Giants Microsoft developed its London Long Range
plan it was seeking to create a “one Microsoft” London Campus, at its chosen
location, 2 Kingdom Street, that is optimally aligned to current and future

The successful main contractors Overbury Plc where selected
to complete the works at the previous Nokia site, working over 6 floors,
including major refurbishment works to the Level 4 main Kitchen and Food
Service Area. 

The project, which was
design by leading UK Food Service Consultants Tricon Food Service Consultants,
used a mixture of existing and new equipment to deliver to high expectations
set by both Microsoft and Contract Caterers Baxter Storey.


Shine Food Machinery where carefully selected
to deliver the project due to their understanding of the project requirements
through the Tender process.


Senior Project Manager Carl Stowell-Smith commented “we have
been given extremely positive feedback from the main client, who has said the
team here in London has just set a new standard for global premises at Microsoft.
Never have they seen before a project achieve such high levels of quality at
Practical Completion”.

Shine worked with Pioneer, Foster Coldstores, Foster
Refrigerator, Trak Hupfer and Hatco to produce a high standard kitchen for