Made In Wales Awards 2014

Shine were fortunate to be
nominated and shortlisted as a finalist for the Made In Wales Awards 2014 in
the category of “Green Manufacturer” following recognition of our
efforts and initiatives to reduce the company’s environmental impact having
significantly invested in energy efficiency equipment such as Solar Panels to
generate our own power, LED Energy Efficient Lighting, and installing an
Industrial Wood Burner, using up all our paper, card and wood waste as a fuel
source to provide heating to our factory.


The company have undergone a Green
improvement programme over the last 48 months focusing on improving  our
environmental and sustainability impacts by implementing a waste reduction,
reuse and recycling plan, reducing energy consumption by fitting PIR and LUX
sensors throughout the building, eliminating the need for third party
collectors and processors of waste, reduced energy consumption of plant and
equipment by fitting timers, reducing compressed air pressures along with a
full maintenance programme to ensure machine efficiency and amending the
Company car policy to limit Co2 consumption. That along with better planning of
our transportation and logistics requirements to minimise Fuel consumption, working
closely with our supply chain to ensure responsible and sustainable
procurement, reducing packaging volumes, buying wood free paper and refillable
ink cartridges.  The company has really embraced the programme which has
already seen significant benefit.


Both Chris Hinton (Sales &
Marketing Manager) and Louise Carey (Compliance & Bid Manager) attended the
Awards dinner on the evening of 23rd October where on the night the
judges awarded another company with the top spot! Louise said of the nomination
“ It was a great accolade to be shortlisted as a finalist out of so many
companies of varied sizes” she added, “given the tough economic climate of
recent years and the slow recovery felt by many businesses that for most
embarking on this kind of initiative with such heavy investment wouldn’t be on
the top of the priorities list for most businesses but in doing so it
demonstrates Shine’s commitment to a sustainable future for the business and
undertaking measures such as these now ensures the longevity of the business as
well as maintaining the focus of reducing the environmental impacts from our
business and its activities”

Made in Wales
Chris and Lou